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The 4 most important reasons for using DuroSeals

At first glance, the side seals in the chamber doctor blade system of a flexographic printing unit appear small and inconspicuous – but their actual influence on the printing process is all the more significant.

In short: An optimal, high-quality Chamber Blade End Seals saves cash in the company. Nothing is more annoying than having to stop production unplanned, be it due to ink leaks, worn doctor blades or inadequate ink transfer to the anilox roller.

This is exactly where our DuroSeals chamber doctor blade seals make a decisive contribution: since 2012, we have been researching the perfect seal to guarantee the optimum functionality of the chamber doctor blade system.

No material remains untouched, no test phase too lengthy and no effort too great until we have perfected our chamber doctor blade seals. The result: DuroSeals, a new generation of chamber doctor blade seals.

DuroSeals consist in principle of two main components: a high-quality, specially manufactured foam and the actual “workhorse”, the contact surface, which is adapted to the diameter of the respective anilox roller.

Our DuroSeals value proposition:

The 4 most important reasons for using DuroSeals

  1. The anilox roller “works” exclusively on the robust contact surface and does not come into contact with the sealing material. As a result, there is no abrasion on the foam.
  2. The contact surface is heat-resistant even at speeds of over 600 m/min so that it is not abraded or broken.
  3. DuroSeals enable a constant pressure at the ink chamber with complete tightness, without the need to increase the set pressure during printing. A moderate contact pressure reduces wear on the doctor blade and ultimately extends the service life of the anilox roller.
  4. DuroSeals are custom-made for each ink chamber and machine type to guarantee optimum sealing. The high-quality foam is not too hard and not too soft: it absorbs the vibraDons optimally and seals completely at the same time. All this regardless of the color system and viscosity.

Duro Seals, the new generation of chamber doctor blade seals

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