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Frequently asked questions

We ship our goods on the day of your order, unless the goods are not in stock at that time. However, due to our large storage capacity, we always have a high stock level. As a rule, we deliver the goods the day after the order is received if we receive the order before 2 pm.

Yes, it is. We work closely with UPS and can guarantee national and international deliveries. Urgent express deliveries are also possible.

This is possible. This occurs when the anilox roller is not doctored cleanly. In these cases, it is advisable to use a different material or a different specification, which we can produce in any desired dimension.

Our Doctor Blade are available with or without a slat and in any edge design. We will work with you to determine the right edge design for you.

We offer our customers the right knife for every application. We also advise you as our customer and provide free samples until we have determined the type of Doctor Blade that is ideal for you. We offer Doctor Blade in carbon, stainless, gold, Longlife II, plastic and stainless steel. You can of course request our catalog, which lists the exact differences between the Doctor Blade materials.

Various factors play a role here. The rule of thumb is: apply as little pressure as possible and as much pressure as necessary to the chamber. As a rule, a high-quality seal should ensure constant tightness, as it does not wear out so quickly due to the abrasion of the anilox roller. However, if the pressure is too high, the wear on the doctor blades will increase accordingly. You should therefore opt for a durable, high-quality seal – especially if leaks occur – and not simply increase the pressure on the chamber.

We demand of ourselves that we offer our customers only the highest quality products. In our opinion, 3M plate mounting tapes are the best quality plate mounting tapes on the market: they offer products for every conceivable requirement and are particularly strong where other manufacturers of adhesive tapes show weaknesses and disadvantages.

We will be happy to send you the catalog on request. You can of course also receive advice from us by telephone or in person!

Our plate mounting tapes can be supplied in any special size you require.

We offer you the right tape with the right hardness, thickness and adhesive strength for all your requirements. You will also receive free samples until we have found the right tape for you and your requirements.