End Seals

Time and cost savings with the perfect end seal: We support you with the best possible solution for your specific requirements.
End Seals for chamber doctor blade systems

Our end seals make a decisive contribution to the fluently functioning of the chamber doctor blade system. With the right application, an absolute tightness of the chamber and perfect doctoring is possible. This reduces downtimes and thus ensures time and cost savings. We will be pleased to advise you in order to obtain the perfect seal for your requirements.

Art.-Nr.: SDS001

DuroSeal W&H NovoflexCL

Art.-Nr.: SDS002

DuroSeal W&H End seals Soloflex

Art.-Nr.: SDS003

DuroSeal W&H Astraflex CL

Art.-Nr.: SDS004

DuroSeal W&H End Novoflex XS

Art.-Nr.: SDS005

DuroSeal W&H Prima/Novoflex/Astraflex

Art.-Nr.: SDS006

DuroSeal W&H Miraflex Hard

Art.-Nr.: SDS007

DuroSeal W&H Miraflex Soft

Art.-Nr.: SDS008

DuroSeal W&H Novoflex II Soft

Art.-Nr.: SDS009

DuroSeal W&H End Seals Vistaflex CL

Art.-Nr.: SDS010

W&H  Vistaflex CL 9800 With Coating

Art.-Nr.: SDS011

W&H Miraflex with Coating

Art.-Nr.: SDS112

W&H End Seals Miraflex Spezial With Rubber

Art.-Nr.: SDS113

W&H End Seals Miraflex Uncoated foam

Art.-Nr.: SDS114

W&H End Seals Square Miraflex EPDM 70 Shore

Art.-Nr.: SDS012

Bobst Masterflex Corrugated

Art.-Nr.: SDS013

DuroSeal Bobst Masterflex Corrugated

Art.-Nr.: SDS014

Bobst 26S F&K 3 Lippen Rubber

Art.-Nr.: SDS015

DuroSeal Bobst 20 Six Big

Art.-Nr.: SDS016

DuroSeal Bobst 20 Six Expert

Art.-Nr.: SDS017

DuroSeal Bobst 16S Big 20

Art.-Nr.: SDS018

DuroSeal Bobst Vision

Art.-Nr.: SDS019

DuroSeal Bobst F&K 36/96 S Spezial

Art.-Nr.: SDS025

DuroSeal Bobst 20 Six Expert

Art.-Nr.: SDS030

Tresu D3 End Seals Big

Art.-Nr.: SDS031

Tresu D2 End seals Small

Art.-Nr.: SDS032

Tresu D75 End seals Small

Art.-Nr.: SDS033

Tresu Gross (Göpfert) Anlage Wellpappe

Art.-Nr.: SDS034

Dichtmanchette Tresukammer Gross Göpfert

Art.-Nr.: SDS035

DuroSeal Tresu

Art.-Nr.: SDS036

DuroSeal Tresu

Art.-Nr.: SDS037

DuroSeal Tresu

Art.-Nr.: SDS035

Tresu D3_505 Grau

Art.-Nr.: SDS037

Tresu D4_550 Grau

Art.-Nr.: SDS040

Uteco Onyx 876GL

Art.-Nr.: SDS041

DuroSeal Uteco Onyx

Art.-Nr.: SDS042

DuroSeal Uteco Diamond Special

Art.-Nr.: SDS043

DuroSeal Uteco Diamond

Art.-Nr.: SDS044

Uteco Quarz 613

Art.-Nr.: SDS045

DuroSeal Uteco Crystal

Art.-Nr.: SDS060

DuroSeal Comexi F1 / F2 Plus 19mm

Art.-Nr.: SDS061

DuroSeal Comexi F1 / F2 Plus 17mm

Art.-Nr.: SDS062

DuroSeal Comexi F1 / F2 8,5mm

Art.-Nr.: SDS063

DuroSeal Comexi Sierra

Art.-Nr.: SDS050

DuroSeal Gallus Grau RCS330 ECS340 EM340S

Art.-Nr.: SDS051

Gallus Grau RCS330 ECS340 EM340S

Art.-Nr.: SDS070

DuroSeal All Stein 113mm 15mm Breite

Art.-Nr.: SDS071A

DuroSeal All Stein 119mm 15mm Breite

Art.-Nr.: SDS072N

DuroSeal All Stein 119mm 15mm Breite

Art.-Nr.: SDS073

DuroSeal All Stein 114,5mm 12mm Breite

Art.-Nr.: SDS074

DuroSeal All Stein 113mm 15mm Breite

Art.-Nr.: SDS090

Absolute S01021 kiwi

Art.-Nr.: SDS091

Absolute S04013

Art.-Nr.: SDS092

Absolute S03010

ART.-NR.: SDS093

Absolute S04009

Art.-Nr.: SDS080

DuroSeal KBA

Art.-Nr.: SDS081

DuroSeal KBA_FR

Art.-Nr.: SDS086

DuroSeal Soma Optima1

Art.-Nr.: SDS087

DuroSeal Soma Optima2

Art.-Nr.: SDS090

DuroSeal Expert

Art.-Nr.: SDS091

DuroSeal Absolute

Art.-Nr.: SDS093

DuroSeal Expert