Cleaning system

Durability through maintenance and cleaning: Our cleaning systems for your printing plates, anilox rollers and printing cylinders.
clichee cleaning system

The fully automatic clichee cleaning system were developed for an especially gentle cleaning of flexo printing polymer clichés. After cleaning, the clichees are guaranteed to be 99.9% clean, dry and can be used again immediately.

Our clichee cleaning systems can remove all printing inks thoroughly and gently. Our environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning agents have been specially developed to efficiently remove the various printing inks from the clichés and clean them completely within seconds.

anilox rollers cleaning system
Our cleaning systems, for fully automated cleaning and drying.
No matter how special your requirements for anilox roll cleaning are: We will find the most suitable solution for you!

The fast and gentle cleaning process ensures that the anilox rollers are completely cleaned after a maximum of only 15 minutes and are ready for immediate use again without causing wear and tear.

Cleaning sequence of the system:

1. Spraying the screen roller with the heated cleaning agent
2. Rinsing with high pressure water
3. Compressed air drying

This completely cleans the anilox rollers and guarantees a constant, perfect print quality and a longlife of the anilox rollers.

Our screen roller cleaning systems can be used for all common printing inks. Furthermore, our systems are available in different widths.