Cleaning Products

We develop the highest quality care and cleaning products for your equipment and tools!
cleaning product

Our in-house care and cleaning products for flexo printing are specially developed to match your requirements. They protect, maintain and clean anilox rollers and sleeves, as well as other printing components. They are also suitable for different ink systems. We focus on a highly effective physical effect. Thus, our care and cleaning products ensure long-term quality and best printing results.

For a deep and efficient cleaning of your clichés and anilox rollers, we offer you various cleaning products, which are also adapted for the use on automatic cleaning systems. In accordance with the REACH regulation, we pay attention to a low risk potential for humans and environment when selecting the raw materials for our products.

Value proposition of our in-house care and cleaning products:

  • Removes all common ink types
  • Gentle deep cleaning of anilox rollers and sleeves, as well as other printing components
  • Reduction of downtimes due to quick and easy cleaning
  • Meets the expectations of the REACH Regulation
  • Aluminium friendly
  • Water-based
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Before and after comparison
vor der Reinigung
nach der Reinigung