About SDS

Driven by the urge for innovation and visionary thinking, the SDS Company has been developing high-quality, innovative products for the printing and packaging industry since its foundation.
The SDS Company

Founded in 2012 in the Swiss Village of Pfäffikon, the SDS Company continues today to set new quality standards in the printing and packaging industry in order to save time, costs and nerves for its more than 400 customer companies worldwide.

As an experienced team of problem solvers and innovators, the SDS Company has dedicated itself to the vision of developing the world’s best seals for chamber doctor blade systems. No path remains unexplored, no material untouched and no testing phase too costly until this claim is met.

In the focus of all our considerations: the customer needs. For this purpose, we combine well-founded, technical knowledge from many years of experience in gravure and flexo printing with modern design and engineering know-how.

our goal

In one sentence: to give customers what their machines and systems really need. More efficient, simpler and more qualitative.

What sets us apart from the competition: We were never really satisfied with the industry standard.

Even as a young man, Karim El Ouahabi, founder and managing director of SDS GmbH, had already decided during his apprenticeship as a printer that he wanted to set a higher quality standard in the printing and packaging industry.

“Quality declines if it’s not constantly improved.”

We are not satisfied with the status quo. Through constant exchange and feedback loops with our customers and partners, we constantly develop and work on the best possible spare and wear parts for your printing and packaging systems.

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customer opinions

Alexander Appoew, Print Manager

alesco Folien GmbH
“I appreciate the technical consulting competence of the SDS Company. You soon notice that you are dealing with people from the profession. The ordered products are of high quality and the delivery was fast.”

Viktor Bratkovics, Production Manager

Folien + Druck Lang GmbH

“I highly recommend the SDS Company. The products are of a high quality and above all durable. The communication was quick and easy. I especially appreciated the technical understanding of the support.”